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Australia's Largest Online Retailer Builds Its First Funnel with PX

How We Helped Kogan Launch One Of The Biggest Giveaway Competitions In Australia
We worked with Persuasion Experience to move fast on a new promotion and inject more persuasion techniques into our messaging. The team is very diligent, thorough, and fast
Karl Winther
Chief Marketing Officer, Kogan


  1. Increase Kogan First membership and launch a new giveaway offer
  2. Increase conversions and performance of the Kogan First funnel
  3. Focus on improved conversion messaging

  1. Messaging was too brand-focused and not conversion-focused
  2. Not enough time and resources for the new campaign
  3. Tight timeline and deadlines

  1. Created new messaging and landing page
  2. Rolled out a consumer insights survey to get critical data on the audience
  3. We trained and upskilled the Kogan team along the way


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+ 3 bonus conversion levers to get more leads

How We Helped Kogan Launch One Of The Biggest Giveaway Competitions In Australia

Kogan is one of Australia’s largest online retailers with over 3 million active customers with a range of services and products to help everyday Aussies who are value seekers. 

At the heart of Kogan is their Kogan First Membership which offers a range of perks, offers and discounts to help their customers save money. 

Kogan came to us to bring a focus to persuasion and conversion to their marketing and promotion of the Kogan First Membership. 

They had just come off the back end of some large brand campaigns and they wanted to focus on proven conversion and customer-building strategies. 

Kogan engaged Persuasion Experience on 3 different levels: 

  1. To build a new campaign to build their Kogan First Memberships
  2. To survey their audience and find consumer insights 
  3. To train and educate their team on persuasion and psychology-based marketing

We helped Kogan roll out the new Kogan First Giveaway page to grow their membership community. 

We focused on rolling out an insights survey to discover the following: 

  1. Why people wanted Kogan First
  2. What people loved about Kogan First
  3. What people disliked about Kogan First
  4. A NPS rating on Kogan First
  5. And why people would churn from Kogan First

We then used these insights to create our new campaign to address the dream outcomes, pain points and friction points so we could increase conversions. 

This allowed us to create a new high-converting landing page for the launch of their new giveaway page. 

This new page is helping add value to Kogan First members and customers. 

Adding value and understanding your audience is the key to increasing conversions, leads and adding clients to any business. 

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+ 3 bonus conversion levers to get more leads