Unlocking 33 High Quality Leads In 28 days

How A New Strategy And Landing Page Created Scalable Growth For This Home Builder
The PX Team were able to instantly jump into our business, research our biggest competitors, survey our clients, find our unique difference and design a new marketing campaign and exciting offer so we could stand out and position ourselves as #1 in the marketplace
Yelitza Mora
CEO, BuildTX


  • Setup online presence to attract high-spending leads
  • Generate consistent qualified appointments
  • Generate sale ready leads
  • Current website not built for conversions
  • A lack of offer and differentiation in the marketplace
  • No system setup to generate appointments
  • New landing page converting on cold Facebook traffic
  • Quality appointments on autopilot
  • Standing out and finding leads before their competition does


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+ 3 bonus conversion levers to get more leads

How A New Strategy And Landing Page Created Scalable Growth For This Home Builder

BuildTX is a leading luxury home builder and remodeler in Dallas,Texas. 

BuildTX came to PX to get support and assistance with building a lead generation landing page that could deliver them consistent lead flow so they could build their sales pipeline.

With a strong social media presence, they still wanted to own more of the market by unlocking more traffic channels. 

We developed a strategy and landing page that would open up Google Ads as well as Facebook traffic for more channel diversity so they could increase their lead pipeline. 

We focussed on 3 Core Pillars to deliver this project:

  1. Developing A Golden Hippo Offer to stand out
  2. Brand-Response Copy to attract their dream clientele
  3. Building a long-form landing page to drive traffic to 

We audited their existing assets, their competition and their existing customer base to start the project. 

From there we had an initial kick-off call and started building out our new campaign. 

We worked on strategic positioning, removing competition comparison and core messaging to attract the right type of audience. 

For home builds ranging from $200,000 to $2 million, it was extremely important that we target and attract the right prospect at every touchpoint. 

From the ad, to the landing page, to the thank you page to the sales call.  We provided assistance with tweaking each element for maximum conversion. 

Within the first month of launching the campaign - we’ve helped generate 33 high-quality leads, at an average cost of $60 on Facebook traffic. 

The most important part is the type of lead we are attracting with this new system. 

High-intent, quality leads who are actively searching for solutions at just a $60 CPL. 

As we optimize the page and work on more projects to fill the BuildTX sales pipeline, they are well on their way to becoming the leader and owning the #1 position as Dallas’ premium home builder.

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+ 3 bonus conversion levers to get more leads